Beatrice Tindano Micro Loan (Seed of Faith-Burkina Faso)

Burkina Faso

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Mrs. Beatrice Tindano is a weaver. She lives in Fada N’Gourma, Burkina Faso. She’s an active member in her community and a part of the Lutheran church. She has one child.

Beatrice seeks a micro loan of $600 to purchase a new weaver and yarn.

Mrs. Tindano sells loincloths to local woman. The loincloth is a part of the local tradition, and she already sells an average of seven loincloths per week. However, demand is greater than her ability to supply, and she believes that with the addition of a new weaving machine and an assistant, she will be able to nearly double her sales. Her anticipated weekly net profits are $87 after cost of goods sold and her employee expenses. UB2 believes she can easily support a nine month loan of $600, per her request.

Beatrice’s sponsor is the Seed of Faith organization in Fada N’Gourma, Burkina Faso. For more information about Seed of Faith and its leadership, please CLICK HERE.

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