Introduction to Microloans

UB2 is the first and only Christian organization that makes repayable microloans through Christian microlending organizations to men and women with a plan to build their businesses from start-up to self-sufficiency. The “repayable” part of our program is what makes us truly unique. Other organizations want to keep your money. UB2 wants to keep you engaged in the process of lending and relending your funds, participating in the work of building communities by building small business.

Below is a summary of how microloans are made. For the long version, please CLICK HERE.

This is what the LENDER (that’s you!) does…

  1. Lender makes a microloan to an Entrepreneur he chooses online;

  2. Entrepreneur receives the microloan, builds business, & repays the loan;

  3. Lender is notified of repayment & does one of 3-things: (a) Chooses another Entrepreneur to whom to re-loan the money; (b) Donates the money to UB2; (c) Withdraws the money for personal use.

  4. Churches may participate as a community in this process through the Community-to-Community Ministry (C2CM) program. Please click on the link to check it out.

This is what the ENTREPRENEUR does…

  1. The Entrepreneur applies for a microloan through a Field Partner;

  2. Upon approval of the Entrepreneur’s application, the loan request is posted on the UB2 website;

  3. Lenders find the Entrepreneur on the website and make a loan to him;

  4. The Entrepreneur receives the loan, builds his business, and repays the loan.

This is what the FIELD PARTNERS do…

Field Partners are intermediaries between Lenders and Entrepreneurs. They handle matters of local policy and banking, providing an inexpensive and efficient means for moving investment dollars from Lenders to Entrepreneurs. If you represent a church, mission, or faith-based NGO in a developing country, you might be eligible to be a Field Partner. For more info, please check out the Field Partner page.

For a flyer to share with your church, please CLICK HERE.