Field Partners

What is a UB2 Field Partner?

A Field Partner (FP) is a Christian organization which works with UB2 to facilitate microlending in its region. A FP may be a church, mission, or a faith-based NGO. UB2 microloansMicrolending might be the only thing a FP does, or it may be one of many services the organization provides for its community. But all FPs are partners with UB2 to provide inexpensive, microloans to poor people.

What are the benefits to a Field Partner?

  • 0% interest debt capital

  • Ease of raising capital for microenterprise development

  • Entrepreneurship training materials

  • Social media activity with UB2 friends

The following links are downloads for the manual, “How to Build a Microlending Institution,” in English and French. Please call or email if you have any questions.

US Letter format (USA & Canada):

A4 format (everywhere else):