Community to Community Ministry (C2CM)

YOUR CHURCH can partner for microlending through Community-to-Community Ministry (C2CM). This is a meaningful and dynamic way to get your whole church involved in a missions project which will engage the entire congregation. Here are the steps for building a partnership with another community through UB2:

C2CM graphic

  1. COMMUNICATE: Your church identifies a community in a developing country where it wants to minister through microlending. As the partnership is developed, your church communicates with its members about the ministry, building awareness and interest.

  2. FACILITATE: Your church forms a C2CM committee which will lead the congregation in choosing entrepreneurs and raising funds for loans.

  3. LEND: Once funds have been raised, your C2CM committee oversees the transfer of loans to the entrepreneurs through UB2.

  4. ACT (tour option): Your church might want to facilitate a tour to visit its entrepreneurs. During the mission the participants will have the opportunity to visit the businesses, homes, and village of the entrepreneurs whom they support, perhaps help with a community building project, and participate in a Christian celebration event.

  5. PRAY & NETWORK: Your church prays for its entrepreneurs, and it may develop the relationships further through social media, email, and web conferencing.

  6. BUILD: Entrepreneurs repay their loans and the cycle of lending and prayer begins again with new entrepreneurs.

Please CLICK HERE for a flyer for the C2CM program to share with your church or Bible study group. Feel free to give us a call. We’d love to answer your questions to get started on a new partnership building lives by building businesses in the name of Christ!

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