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Our goal is to build communities by building small businesses with poor people by providing microloans.UB2 microloans

The loans are small, but the impact is huge. When a business flourishes, even a really small business, a poor family is able to begin providing for its basic needs, such as food and clothing, healthcare and education. This is the beginning of a transformation. We’ve seen it happen time and again as a family will be encouraged through the difference even a few more dollars a day can make. And as one family is strengthened through its success other families are encouraged to build their communities by building their businesses in the same way.

We envision a day when people everywhere will have the opportunity to build themselves up like this, one small business at a time. Please check out the entrepreneurs we sponsor for more info.

Here are the things that make UBuild2.org unique:

  • We intentionally build a sense of partnership: The short history of social media has shown us that there are huge benefits in promoting networks among people who share a common mission. We use social media as a key part of our communications program, believing that it provides great opportunities for connecting people from around the world to do great things with microloans.

  • We repay lenders their original capital: We understand that contributors want to play a part in deciding where their money goes with microloans, which sounds like good stewardship to us. We support that.

  • We’re global: Because online tools have overcome national boundaries we are taking our resources to the world for microlending.

  • We have a Christian worldview: We do not believe that our faith guarantees success. However, we are filled with assurance that the God who loved us enough to send his son Jesus to redeem us, is the same God who will protect and strengthen us as we strive to serve him in the work he’s given us to do.

  • We build partnerships with other Christian organizations: We believe that every person and every organization brings a gift to the altar of thanksgiving. UB2 provides everything necessary for moving loans from one place to another. But churches and other Christian organizations provide the network and the relationships necessary for fostering community and enterprise development in dynamic and powerful ways. Check out our page on Community-to-Community Ministry (C2CM) for more info.

  • We do not charge service fees for handling your loans: We operate as a volunteer organization. All of our expenses are taken care of through donations. If you would like to make a donation, please CLICK HERE. Thank you!

Some organizations have some of these characteristics, but none of them has them all. UBuild2.org is bringing together the best tools to do the best work with as many people as possible, as soon as possible. Learn more about us by checking out our FAQs page.

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Board of Directors

We are a band of Christians educated and trained in economic development in developing countries and urban America. Many of us went to business school at Eastern University in St. Davids, Pennsylvania (just outside of Philadelphia) serving in the industry for up to 25 years doing micro-lending, consulting, teaching, building houses, fundraising, digging wells, building infrastructure, and running NGOs. In sum, we love Jesus and we love our neighbors, and we’re looking to do good among the people God brings us.

Richard Ross

Richard Ross, president & director

Richard is a pastor and economic developer for 25 years. He has worked in developing countries in Africa and in India starting businesses, partnering with poor people at the grassroots level with the tools necessary for them to take control of their own futures. He launched UBuild2.org as an experiment: He’d read a blog by a person who was looking for a Christian organization which provided peer-to-peer loans to poor people in developing countries, using online tools; and it worked. Richard is excited about the opportunity to provide others with the chance to partner with people to build their homes and communities with microloans, one business at a time.


Leanne Harbaugh

Leanne Harbaugh, vice president

Leanne has experience in both for profit and non-profit industries; she enjoys the challenge of starting new businesses and programs. She was instrumental in the start-up and growth of a rental company in the States and new program development for a start-up non-profit organization in Indonesia. With over 15 years of experience, Leanne has worked with non-profits in a variety of roles, in program development, operations (CFO), and development/fundraising. Her most recent experience was with a ministry that trains and partners with the church to serve youth and families living in under-resourced communities in the Chicago suburbs. Leanne brings astute research and comprehensive planning skills to UBuild2.org.


Karen Screnock

Karen Screnock, treasurer

Karen is excited to team with UBuild2.org to strengthen families through microlending, and especially eager to pray for our partners around the world. She and her husband is Michael have three adult sons, Nathan, Joel and Matthew.


Michael Screnock

Michael Screnock, secretary

Michael became involved with UBuild2.org because he is convinced that microlending can significantly impact the lives of entrepreneurs, and he was impressed with the organization’s model of providing training and guidance to the entrepreneurs it assists. Michael has experience in local government administration and in providing legal counsel to small and large businesses; he currently serves as a circuit court judge.


Frank Kennedy

Frank Kennedy

Frank got involved in economic development because of his dreams of putting his Christian faith into action by tackling poverty. He went on to train orphans in south India in entrepreneurship and later he applied his skills in urban communities in the USA. Through churches, community-based organizations, prisons and schools, Frank has trained thousands of youth and adults to seek entrepreneurship as a path to self-sufficiency and a platform for creating disciples. Through UBuild2.org, Frank seeks to link his interest in entrepreneurship with the organization’s robust microloans program. Frank and his wife, Patrice, have two boys with autism; together they are special education advocates.


Statement of Faith

The members of the board of directors of UB2 are Christians, representing a cross-section of faith traditions. We are brothers and sisters committed to the love of God through Jesus Christ, standing together on the essential elements of the faith. This faith believes in one God, a God who is revealed as three persons in the Holy Bible of the Christian church, the infallible and inerrant Word of God: God is the Father, the creator and sustainer of all things. God is the eternal Son of the Father, Jesus Christ, who was born of a virgin, suffered for the sins of the world, and rose from the grave, defeating sin, death, and the devil. He ascended into heaven, but one day He will return in glory and judgment to resurrect the dead and usher in a new heaven and a new earth. And God is the Holy Spirit, who creates and sustains a living faith in people unto eternal life.